Katarina Kušić

Katarina Kušić

University of Bremen
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Katarina Kušić is a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for International and Intercultural Studies at the University of Bremen. Her current research explores international political ecologies of land in the Balkans. She is also working on a monograph titled Subjects beyond Intervention: Politics of improvement in Serbia, based on her PhD project completed at Aberystwyth University. Katarina is also interested in fieldwork-based and interpretive methods, and postcolonial and decolonial thought and practice in the Balkans and East Europe more widely. 

Talk Information:

Temporalities of intervention thinking in the Balkans
June 10, 2022 | 9:00 AM

International intervention—in the form of peacebuilding, statebuilding, and development— has been a key concept through which south east Europe has been known in academic knowledge production, and engaged with in international politics. In this talk, I identify international intervention as a ‘gatekeeping’ concept through which the (post-)Yugoslav Balkans are made known, and that severely limits which questions are asked and how answers are produced. I connect liberal interventionism with ‘transition’ thinking in South East Europe and the larger system of thought that Johannes Fabian (1983) termed ‘allochronism.’ This system of thought denies ‘coevalness’ and forms the basis of comparativist thinking by imagining different spaces on the road to the same liberal future. In the case of intervention thinking, it prevents both researchers and practitioners from engaging people living in areas of intervention as coeval political subjects.

For further reading:

Kušić, Katarina, Philipp Lottholz, and Polina Manolova, eds. 2019. Decolonial Theory and Practice in Southeast Europe. Sofia: dVERSIA. Link to open access full text. 

Kušić, Katarina. 2021. ‘Balkan Subjects in Intervention Literature: The Politics of Overrepresentation and Reconstruction’. Journal of International Relations and Development 24 (4): 910–31. Link to open access full text.  

Collaborative reading list on Race, Gender, Sexuality and Coloniality in the Balkans.