Emad Abdul-Latif

Emad Abdul-Latif

Qatar University
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Dr Emad Abdul-Latif is a rhetoric and discourse analysis professor at Qatar University. He studied Arabic rhetoric and political discourse analysis at Cairo University (Egypt) and Lancaster University (England). He published eight monographs in Arabic: Why do Egyptians applaud? 2009; Strategies of Persuasion and Effect in the Arab Political Discourse, 2012; Rhetoric and Cross-cultural Communication, 2012; The Rhetoric of Liberation, 2013; Analyzing Rhetorical Discourse, 2014; Political Speeches in Modern Times, 2015; Analysing Political Discourse, 2019 and The New Arabic Rhetoric, 2021. His Against Rhetoric (2017) is an edited book that tackles the influence of Plato’s works on Arabic rhetoric. His list of articles and chapters published in English includes; interdiscursivity between political and religious discourses in a speech by Sadat: Combining CDA and addressee rhetoric, Johan Benjamins, 2011; The Oralization of Writing: Argumentation, profanity and literacy in cyberspace, Brill, 2017; and Arab Political Discourse, Routledge, 2018. He wrote several entries in the Oxford Dictionary of African Biography and The third edition of the Encyclopedia of Islam. He co-translated many works into Arabic, including The Oxford Encyclopedia of Rhetoric.

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A Conversation on Khitabat: The Journal
October 14, 2022 | 9:00 AM

Khitabat (Discourses) is a biannual refereed journal. It publishes theoretical and analytic studies on religious, political, social, educational and other discourses in the Arab region. Works on critical discourse analysis, conversation analysis, narrative analysis, and audience rhetoric are particularly welcomed. The primary publishing language of the journal is Arabic. However, it accepts submissions in English and French.

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